Coherent Solutions

Pushing the boundaries of optical communications

Shareholding: 10.2%*
First Investment: November 2017

Coherent Solutions builds advanced coherent and non-coherent light (laser) testing equipment, primarily for the development and manufacture of fibre optic telecommunication components and systems. The company also has a number of new technologies in development which will expand the company’s market from labs and advanced research and development facilities to hi-tech manufacturers. Coherent Solution’s strengths lie in their ability to build customized solutions to meet specific test requirements.

Coherent Solutions in headquartered in Auckland.

The last major investment event was in November 2017, where Punakaiki Fund led an investment round including other local funds. LWCM will be active in the governance of Coherent Solutions.

*The shareholding noted is prior to the completion of investment by other investors in the current round