EverEdge IP Global

Intellectual Property Advisory

Shareholding: 4.6%
First Investment: July 2015

EverEdge IP is an intangible asset advisory and transactions firm, with an increasingly global footprint. Intangible assets, including data, content, software, brands, confidential information and design, are among the most important assets companies today own; however, these assets are frequently left off company balance sheets, creating or hiding major risks and opportunities. EverEdge helps corporations identify and manage both intangible asset downside risks and and upside value.

EverEdge has delivered over 900 completed client engagements across the spectrum of business sizes, stages, and industries; from the Fortune 100 to ambitious start-ups. Their intellectual property advice goes well beyond patents, and includes brand, content, data, confidential information and new technology. EverEdgeIP operate separately from law and patent attorney firms and focus on providing independent advice around how to commercialise intellectual property and how this ties into broader business strategy rather than the mechanics of filing patents. The consulting work also includes outsourced management of intellectual property portfolios and research for investors, and the company is rapidly expanding to serve increasing demand.

EverEdgeIP also acts as a broker for entities to buy and sell intellectual property. These deals are potentially very large for the clients, and EverEdgeIP is generally compensated through commission.

EverEdgeIP has offices in Sydney, Singapore and Auckland.

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