Helping you make sense of the data in your business

Shareholding: 19.2%
First Investment: Dec 2015

Mindfull provides solutions across four main areas:

  • Advanced Analytics, helping to manage big data and harness predictive solutions
  • Business Intelligence, providing real-time metrics for powerful decision-making
  • Data Warehousing and Integration, allowing customers to take control of their data
  • Financial Performance Management, facilitating seamless forecasting

Mindfull’s main activities revolve around consulting services, software resale and the development of its own software for data warehousing, business intelligence, financial planning and predictive analytics. They have a large number of top New Zealand firms as clients. Most of their consulting and software sales business is built around IBM Cognos TM1, a budgeting, planning and reporting tool for medium (large in NZ terms) sized businesses. Mindfull’s QUBEDocs is an auto-documentation tool for IBM’s Cognos TM1 software, which gives Chief Financial Officers comfort in being able to track integrity and changes in their financial models.

Mindfull’s last external round was with Punakaiki Fund in December 2015. LWCM is active in the governance of Mindfull, including strategic planning processes, international growth planning, organisational development, finance and senior recruitment.

Case Studies
Mindfull’s unique solutions to difficult problems facing New Zealand companies: