Recruitment software for finding the perfect fit

Shareholding: 31.3%
First Investment: February 2015

Find the right kind of Weird.

When you’re recruiting, identifying candidates with the right skills is the easy part. What’s much harder, and more important, is how they fit with your business vision and your team. That’s the difference between an awesome employee and an expensive one.

Weirdly is a Human Resources technology SaaS platform, helping companies filter the best job candidates from thousands of job applications. Using a fun, customised quiz, Weirdly ranks candidates against your ideal ‘match’. It automatically turns a long list into a shortlist, while also managing things like CVs, video applications and applicant photos all through a simple dashboard.

Weirdly works with enterprises to design and deliver scientifically sound online surveys that quantify values alignment between the job applicant and company. This results in better quality hires – improving retention, providing a better candidate experience, and speeding up a slow, labour intensive process.

It isn’t just faster and more fun, it also gives candidates a taste of your company culture, before they’ve even applied.

Weirdly is based in Auckland.

The last investment was in November 2017, where Punakaiki Fund invested. LWCM has, in the past, provided advice on product, pricing, sales growth, founder roles and capital structuring.

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