Board of Directors

Board Responsibilities

The Board’s core responsibility is approving and monitoring adherence to the investment objectives, risk management, strategies, policies and philosophies of Punakaiki Fund, and to ensure Punakaiki Fund meets its statutory obligations. These are reviewed on a regular basis, with policies being added and extended as Punakaiki Fund grows.

Part of these core responsibilities include monitoring LWCM’s and Punakaiki Fund’s performance. This involves monitoring and valuing Punakaiki Fund’s investment portfolio, and ensuring that expenditure by Punakaiki Fund is made on a prudent and appropriate basis.

The Board is responsible for communications with Shareholders and other stakeholders. This includes approving the quarterly and annual reports, and conducting the annual meeting of Shareholders.

The Board also has the responsibility to consider any recommendations made by LWCM that are outside of the normal scope of transactions. These include proposed investments with related parties, investments that would result in more than 20% of Punakaiki Fund’s value placed into one company, investments outside of New Zealand, potential conflicts of interest, and all divestments.

Photo of Mike Bennetts

Mike Bennetts


Appointed September 2015, re-appointed September 2017

Mike is the CEO of Z Energy, one of New Zealand’s largest retail and wholesale fuel businesses and is a director of Loyalty New Zealand Limited. He previously worked for 25 years with BP in a variety of downstream roles in New Zealand, China, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Singapore.

Mike has a BBS and Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Management; and is a member of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand.

Mike Bennetts has a less than 5% shareholding and is an independent director.



Photo of John Berry

John Berry


Appointed September 2015, re-appointed September 2017

John is the co-founder and CEO of Pathfinder Asset Management, which has over $150 million in funds under management. John’s previous roles were at law firms and investment banks, including as Head of Execution at Deutsche Bank Structured Capital Markets Europe.

John has a BCom/LLB (Hons) and is on the board of the Men’s Health Trust NZ. He is also a member of the government appointed Code Working Group, which is designing a new code of conduct for financial advice in New Zealand.

John Berry has a less than 5% shareholding and is an independent director

Photo of Mandy Simpson

Mandy Simpson


Mandy is a director and consultant with more than 20 years’ experience in financial services and technology. She has previously held senior executive roles with security company Cyber Toa, NZX Limited, technology services provider Fronde and the State Services Commission.

Mandy Simpson has a less than 5% shareholding and is an independent director.



Photo of Lance Wiggs

Lance Wiggs

Director of Punakaiki Fund, Director of LWCM

Appointed April 2013, re-appointed September 2016 and September 2018

Lance is the co-founder of Punakaiki Fund and a principal with LWCM. Lance Wiggs is an executive director, as he is one of the principals of the Manager.



The board, led by Mike Bennetts, is running a process to appoint an additional director over the next few months.


Governance Documents

Annual and Financial reports

2018 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report
September 2016 interim financial statements for FY2017.
2016 Annual Report along with FY2016 financial accounts (Full IFRS)
2015 Annual Report
Punakaiki Fund was formed in April 2013 but was not active before the end of the financial year end 31 March 2014.


Public Offer Documents

October/November 2018 Product Disclosure Statement
November 2017 Product Disclosure Statement
March 2017 Product Disclosure Statement
November 2016 Product Disclosure Statement

The Punakaiki Fund Limited Public Offer Disclose Register holds documents that were disclosed as part of the Product Disclosure Statements.


Founding Documents

The Constitution is the overarching document which sets out the rights, powers, duties and obligations conferred on Punakaiki Fund, its Board of Directors and its shareholders. The fundamental relationship between Punakaiki Fund and LWCM, as Manager, is determined by the Management Agreement.


Governance Documents

Punakaiki Fund Limited is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, and uses the Punakaiki Fund Board Charter to guide the Board’s behaviour. The Delegated Authority Policy has more on the powers granted to the Board and the Manager.


Investment Policy Documents

Punakaiki Fund’s approach to investments is summarised in the Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives

The Investment Guidance document has more perspective on how we go about investing.

The Investment Valuation Policy shows the approach used to value our assets.

Our Socially Responsible Investing Policy outlines Punakaiki Funds commitment to Socially Responsible Investment practices.



Companies Office Records of Our Investments

Punakaiki Fund’s holdings are easily seen on the Companies Office website. We recommend using to navigate, starting with this list of our shareholdings. There is usually a short period between any changes in shareholder registers, officially held at each company’s premises, and uploading of that information to the Companies Office website.

Punakaiki Fund Limited

Devoli Limited**
Raygun Limited
InfluxHQ Limited*
Timely Limited
Melon Health Limited*
Weirdly Limited*
Boardingware Limited*
RedSeed Limited*
Onceit Limited*
TD Limited
EverEdgeIP Global Limited*
Vend Limited
Mobi2Go Limited
Mindfull Limited*
Linewize Services LimitedLinewize Limited (Sold to Family Zone)
Hayload Limited**
Populate Limited
New Zealand Artesian Water Limited*
QA Tech Limited (Conqa) *
Coherent Solutions*

*Lance Wiggs Directorship
** Chris Humphreys Directorship