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Exclusive U.S. Investment Receptions - Post-Election Update & the Road Ahead

Unlock the potential of New Zealand’s vibrant economy and embrace the opportunity to live, work, and invest in a country that values innovation, sustainability, and global impact.

Welcome to New Zealand. Nau mai, haere mai ki Aotearoa.

Fresh Perspectives Post-Election

New Investment Opportunities Unveiled

About the Events

Step into the enchanting world of New Zealand right here in the U.S. to learn about the opportunities on offer for you and your family. 

New Zealand experts are hosting two unique, by-invitation-only receptions in Los Angeles and San Francisco during the week of Monday, November 13th to Friday, November 17th, that promise a deep dive into New Zealand’s allure, investment opportunities and the privileged pathway to New Zealand permanent residence through the Active Investor Plus (AIP) Visa.

Why Attend?

  • Curious to already there – all are welcome: Whether you’re merely exploring the concept of NZ residence through investment or you are an official NZ resident, these receptions are designed to cater to all stages of inquiry, preparation and beyond.
  • Fresh Perspectives Post-Election: Gain timely insights into the future of the AIP Visa program in the wake of the New Zealand election held on October 14th, 2023. Understand potential policy shifts, and be among the first to get a ‘post-election update’ directly from local NZ experts.
  • Discover New Zealand’s Lifestyle: Uncover the pristine beauty, unparalleled quality of life, and vibrant culture that make New Zealand a sought-after destination for discerning global citizens.
  • Demystify the AIP Visa: Gain firsthand insights into the AIP Visa process, benefits, and how it can be your key to embracing life in New Zealand from top-tier immigration advisers.
  • Investment Opportunities Unveiled: Engage with a curated ensemble of New Zealand’s leading businesses. You will hear from a range of experts about opportunities to invest across managed funds, debt funds, direct investments and more. They are here to guide your journey and offer exclusive opportunities tailor-made for AIP Visa applicants or those looking to invest in New Zealand.

By attending one of these exclusive receptions, you’re not just exploring an investment. You’re discovering a life filled with opportunity, stability, and adventure. Seize this chance to carve out your own slice of paradise in New Zealand.

Limited spots available. An opportunity as rare as New Zealand’s Kiwi bird awaits.

Registrations for these events are now closed

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In the OECD for international tax competitiveness.
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About the Active Investor Plus Visa

The visa requires you to:

  • invest a total of between NZ$5 million and NZ$15 million (depending on a weighting system that incentivises more ‘active’ investments)

  • invest across three years and maintain the investment for a further fourth year

  • spend 117 days in New Zealand across the four-year conditional visa period

  • have a reasonable command of English to at least Level 5 of the International English Language Testing System.

Investment Options and Weighting:

The Active Investor Plus Visa offers four distinct investment options to cater to your preferences, with weighted multiples applied to encourage more active investments:

  1. Direct Investments (3x multiple): Invest directly into New Zealand businesses and receive the highest weighting for your investment. e.g. an investor could meet the required investment amount by investing NZ$5m into direct investments.
  2. Managed Funds (2x multiple): Invest in approved managed funds, like Punakaiki Fund, and every $1 invested counts as $2 towards your visa conditions.
  3. Listed Equities (1x multiple): Invest in New Zealand listed equities, such as shares on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX). Equities are capped at a maximum investment of 50% ($7.5m) of the total NZ$15m requirement and no additional weighting is applied to your investment.
  4. Philanthropic Donations (1x multiple): Invest in qualifying New Zealand charities. Philanthropy is capped at a maximum investment of 50% ($7.5m) of the total NZ$15m requirement and no additional weighting is applied to your investment.