Punakaiki Fund Limited makes long-term investments into high-growth, revenue-generating New Zealand companies. We hold $47 million in assets (June 2019) and have investments in 20 Portfolio Companies.

July 2019 Wholesale Offer

The June 2019 Wholesale Offer is now closed to investors.

The most recent wholesale IM is available here: Punakaiki Fund Wholesale IM – June 2019

As at 30 June 2019, the iNAV per share is $22.42.

The 2018 Retail Offer to the Public

The 2018 public offer is now closed. To receive information about future offers, please sign up to our mailing list.

Read our Product Disclosure Statement to find out more: Punakaiki Fund PDS 2018

Portfolio Companies

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors bring depth and diversity of experience to their roles, including involvement in asset management, early stage companies and various legal and regulatory environments.

The Board’s core responsibility is approving and monitoring adherence to the investment objectives, risk management strategies, policies and philosophies of Punakaiki Fund, and to ensure Punakaiki Fund meets its statutory obligations. Part of these core responsibilities include monitoring LWCM’s and Punakaiki Fund’s Performance…(read more)

Annual Report 2018

Recent public information on Punakaiki Fund is available in our 2018 Annual Report.

More useful information is available on our Investor page.. (read more)

Investment Approach and Performance

We believe that the following philosophies provide the greatest opportunity to generate significant returns for our Shareholders:

Punakaiki Fund’s investments have delivered a Gross IRR of 21% (a 55% increase in value, all to 15 January 2019) based on assessed changes in fair market valuation, as well as dividends received and proceeds from investments sold. (read more).

For more detailed information, please check out our founding documents, annual reports, board members and other investment links in our Key Documents section.

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