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Welcome to Punakaiki Fund, the beacon of venture capital in New Zealand, dedicated to transforming high-growth technology companies into global leaders. With a unique evergreen structure and a decade-long legacy of success, we invite you to explore an investment opportunity like no other.

March 2023 Rights Issue & Retail Offer

Our 2023 Offer of Rights and Ordinary Shares is now live on Catalist.  


This is a unique opportunity for all New Zealanders to access the VC asset class and be part of the growth of exciting NZ tech companies, including: Devoli, Quantifi Photonics, Conqa, Whip Around and many more.


Please read the Product Disclosure Statement and seek advice from a financial advice provider

For investors

Our mission is to ensure that every great Kiwi company is well-funded and that everybody—from retail investors to large institutions—can benefit from the fast-growing New Zealand companies defining the future.

For founders

We believe in New Zealand’s pioneers and the rapidly maturing high-tech economy. As an evergreen fund, we’re different from most other VC’s. We invest to hold and help visionary founders grow truly global and future-defining companies.

""The Punakaiki Fund understand the early stages and what founders need at that stage. They gave us the time to explore and create. It was always about making sure you’re building the company and heading in the right direction"





Annualised Internal investment returns*

7 %

Active Portfolio Companies


Portfolio Asset Value

$ 80 M

*From all investments. Internal performance measures are exclusive of all fund costs

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Our mission is to unlock access to venture capital and the NZ tech ecosystem for equity investors and to meet the capital needs of kiwi pioneers building and scaling world-changing tech companies. 

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