For Investors

Punakaiki Fund makes long term investments into high growth New Zealand Companies. It holds minority positions in 19 companies.

The total assets, including cash, were valued at $27 million for the March 3, 2017 Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). The investor Net Asset Value (iNAV), after all liabilities including long term contingent liabilities for Performance Fees, was $24.8 million, or $21.46 per share. The PDS Offer had a price per Share of $20.50, representing a discount on iNAV/share.

Portfolio Statistics

The investments represent a diverse range of products and services, target markets, business models and sizes. The aggregate last-quarter (December 2016) revenues for all companies annualised to almost $72 million. The equity-weighted revenues totalled $9.5 million, and the companies show a last quarter aggregate equity-weighted profit.

The charts below reflect the investments in the 19 companies, as valued for the PDS on February 27, 2017. They show percentages of total investment value, excluding cash.




Fund Raising

Punakaiki Fund launched as a private fund in April 2014, raising $15.7 million to date, including issuing new shares for one transaction. These fund raising events were for wholesale investors only, unless noted, and included: