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We occasionally hold Public Offers, which are regulated by the Financial Markets Authority in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, and are available to all investors based in New Zealand.

Share trading

We occasionally facilitate share trading via the Catalist platform. This is open to all Punakaiki Fund shareholders as well as certified wholesale investors. To participate in those auctions please create a Catalist account, and complete their onboarding and wholesale investor certification processes.

Companies Office records of our investments

Punakaiki Fund’s holdings are easily seen on the Companies Office website. We recommend using to navigate, starting with this list of our shareholdings. There is usually a short period between any changes in shareholder registers, officially held at each company’s premises, and uploading of that information to the Companies Office website.


Whip Around Limited

Mobi HQ Limited (trading as Mobi)

Raygun Limited

QA Tech Limited (trading as Conqa)*

Boardingware Limited (trading as Orah)*

RedSeed Limited*

Core Schedule***

Get Home Safe***

QubeDocs – owned by Mindfull Group Limited***

Couchdrop* (also trading as Movebot)

Spiderworks Limited*** (trading as Projectworks)

Other Companies

Vend Limited (Sold to LightSpeed)

Timely Limited (Sold to EverCommerce)

Moxion (Sold to Autodesk)

Mindfull Limited (assets sold to Fusion5, owned by Mindfull Group)

EverEdgeIP Global Limited (shares sold, debt owing to PFL)

Linewize Services Limited, Linewize Limited (company sold to Family Zone ASX:FZO)

TD Limited (assets sold to OneLogin, which itself was sold to One Identity)

New Zealand Artesian Water Limited (out of mandate)

Hayload Limited (written off)

Populate Limited (struck off)

Melon Health Limited (written off)

Weirdly Limited (written off)

*Lance Wiggs Directorship ** Chris Humphreys and Rohan MacMahon Directorships *** Nadine Hill Directorship
Punakaiki Fund may also hold board observation rights

Governance & policy documents

Punakaiki Fund Limited is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and uses the Punakaiki Fund Board Charter to guide the Board’s behaviour. We have a number of policy documents, which are each regularly reviewed. Many of these, linked here, are publicly disclosed.


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as at 31 March 2024