Punakaiki Fund - Your Ideal Partner for New Zealand's Active Investor Plus Visa

Unlock the potential of New Zealand’s vibrant economy and embrace the opportunity to live, work, and invest in a country that values innovation, sustainability, and global impact.

Welcome to New Zealand. Nau mai, haere mai ki Aotearoa.

What is the Active Investor Plus Visa?

New Zealand welcomes experienced, high-value investors to help build globally successful Kiwi businesses alongside the opportunity to embrace all aspects of life in New Zealand through the Active Investor Plus Visa program. Utilise your expertise and capital to contribute to the growth of New Zealand’s economy, while enjoying our expansive open spaces, awe-inspiring beauty, and unparalleled lifestyle.

With the Active Investor Plus Visa, you can:

  • Live, work or study in New Zealand full-time, or come and go as you wish (the minimum requirement is 117 days in New Zealand over 4 years)
  • Bring your family with you
  • Select from a wide range of investment opportunities, including direct investments, managed funds, and listed equities
  • Apply for permanent residency after 4 years

As an approved ‘Managed Fund’ under the Active Investor Plus Visa, Punakaiki Fund can help you maximise your investment and experience the perfect harmony of business and lifestyle in New Zealand, a nation known for its thriving open market, innovative mindset, and exceptional quality of life.

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The visa requires you to:

  • invest a total of between NZ$5 million and NZ$15 million (depending on a weighting system that incentivises more ‘active’ investments)

  • invest across three years and maintain the investment for a further fourth year

  • spend 117 days in New Zealand across the four-year conditional visa period

  • have a reasonable command of English to at least Level 5 of the International English Language Testing System.

Investment Options and Weighting:

The Active Investor Plus Visa offers four distinct investment options to cater to your preferences, with weighted multiples applied to encourage more active investments:

  1. Direct Investments (3x multiple): Invest directly into New Zealand businesses and receive the highest weighting for your investment. e.g. an investor could meet the required investment amount by investing NZ$5m into direct investments.
  2. Managed Funds (2x multiple): Invest in approved managed funds, like Punakaiki Fund, and every $1 invested counts as $2 towards your visa conditions.
  3. Listed Equities (1x multiple): Invest in New Zealand listed equities, such as shares on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX).

Why Choose Punakaiki Fund for Your Active Investor Plus Visa Investment

Punakaiki Fund is the only approved evergreen venture fund for the Active Investor Plus Visa. We can accept material investments on-demand to rapidly meet AIP visa requirements, offering a streamlined investment option into a trusted portfolio with a path to liquidity through IPO.

Venture Returns

  • Targeting net annual returns of 15% or more.
  • Our portfolio has combined revenue of $179 million, and equity-weighted revenue of $64 million, over the last twelve months.

2x Investment Weighting

Punakaiki Fund is an ‘Acceptable Managed Fund’ under the Active Investor Plus visa program, making every $1 invested count as $2 towards your visa conditions. For example, you only need to invest $7.5 million into Punakaiki Fund to meet the minimum investment required ($15 million) for the visa.

Consistent Growth, Low Volatility

  • Strong 10-year track record of consistent growth and resilience
  • Outperformed the NZX50 30-year average return, even in a down market
  • Internal valuations are consistently below exit values (2.2x uplift for the last three exits).

Broad Investor Base & Path to IPO

  • 1,000+ investors.
  • A strategic path towards IPO (as markets allow). Aim to list well before four year AIP Visa holding term.

Streamlined Investment Pathway

Punakaiki Fund is the only evergreen approved managed fund for the AIP Visa, meaning we can take investment whenever it suits you. We can also take 100% of the funds immediately, removing the complexity and uncertainty associated with funds that call assets over time. 


  • Experts in high-growth private company valuation.
  • Investments underpinned by a substantial existing portfolio of high-growth NZ tech companies.
  • Publicly available reports and annual audited financial reporting to IFRS Tier 1 standard.

Growth, Resilience & Diversification

Punakaiki Fund has a strong history of growth and resilience, backing innovative and sustainable businesses that drive the New Zealand economy. Our portfolio companies have generated impressive returns, creating value for both investors and New Zealand as a whole.

Asset value

Our portfolio Asset Value has shown sustained growth and resilience.

Outsized returns

In 2019, we tightened our investment mandate after recognising that it would generate superior returns. The IRR from investments within our tightened mandate are above 20% per year.

*Internal performance measures are exclusive of all fund costs

Deliberately diverse

Our portfolio is spread across geographies, industries and stages of company lifecycle to minimise risk. The portfolio effect reduces volatility and failure risk, particularly during down-cycles.

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