Attracting high-net-worth investors to the NZ tech sector

Punakaiki Fund has been approved as an ‘Acceptable Managed Fund’ for the New Zealand government’s Active Investor Plus Visa. This is a fantastic opportunity to amplify our reach and attract high-net-worth investors to New Zealand – and to Punakaiki Fund.

The government’s intention is to attract investors to “grow a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy for the good of New Zealand.” 

Following promotion in San Francisco Sail GP and in Europe, NZTE says it’s receiving strong interest from prospective investor migrants. “This is both directly with NZTE’s offshore-based Investor Migrant Managers, onshore team, and through the private sector network (including advisors, lawyers, bankers and wealth managers) who are key in facilitating high-levels of engagement in the programme.”

To date NZTE has approved 23 managed funds as acceptable investments under the AIP visa. The list of approved funds can be found here.

To maximise the opportunity, 2040 Ventures (manager of Punakaiki Fund) has assembled a suite of investment opportunities and promoted them to prospective applicants this year.

New Zealand Beach - AIP Visa Punakaiki Fund
AIP Visa - Auckland, New Zealand

AIP Visa Investment Options & Weighting

Four distinct investment options with weighted multiples to encourage more active investments.

1. Direct Investments (3x multiple):

  • Every $1 invested directly into New Zealand businesses counts as $3 towards your visa conditions.

2. Managed Funds, e.g. Venture Capital (2x multiple):

  • Every $ 1 invested counts as $2 towards your visa conditions. Punakaiki Fund is an approved managed fund for the Active Investor Plus Visa.

3. Listed Equities (1x multiple):

  • Invest in New Zealand-listed equities, such as shares on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX).

Venture Capital

Approved venture capital funds, like Punakaiki Fund and our sister fund, the Climate Venture Capital Fund (pending), are considered “managed funds” under the Active Investor Plus Visa and qualify for the 2x multiple on your investment.

Venture capital investing aims to discover and grow game-changing companies, delivering exceptional returns to investors. Venture capital firms have backed globally-renowned companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon, as well as local success stories like Xero, Allbirds, Rocketlab, Sequeent, Vend, and Timely. Venture capital investors take minority equity stakes in companies and support them in developing their products and scaling their businesses.

Investments are typically made in a series of rounds, attracting different types of investors at each stage, with their own risk and return mandates. Unlike traditional investment funds, venture capital funds are raised sequentially, with each fund committed to a set amount of capital, typically $50-500 million, which is invested over five years. Investors’ capital, including any gains, is returned as investments are sold, with venture capital firms collecting performance fees based on overall returns.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in learning more about the Active Investor Plus and the different investment opportunities available from 2040 Ventures, including Punakaiki Fund, please complete the form below.

New Zealand Mountains - Active Investor Plus Visa