Actionable Application Insights For Developer Teams

Shareholding: 6.3%
First Investment: June 2014

Find errors before your users do.

Raygun provides a software intelligence platform that enables customers to ensure that their software is being experienced the way they intended. The platform consists of software crash reporting, real user monitoring, and user and development tracking.

Raygun products are used by some of the world’s most innovative companies including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Domino’s, 3M, Nordstrom and many more.

Raygun started as Mindscape, a well-regarded Wellington based developer of developer tools for the Microsoft platform. It was founded by John-Daniel Trask and Jeremy Boyd in 2007. Things started to accelerate when they released Raygun.io, a dev-ops tool that automatically tracks errors and crashes in applications across a wide range of platforms including PCs, the web and mobile devices. It helps companies find errors faster, and fix them more quickly, by aggregating errors and telling them the exact line of code where the software error occurred. These days it also provides the ability to track users engaging with a platform across a range of devices, while the company has spread internationally with JD moving to the US office.

Punakaiki Fund invested in Mindscape’s first external investment round, for a 5.26% stake in the company, becoming Mindscape’s largest external investor. We joined Mike O’Donnell, Ben Kepes, Nick Lewis and 12 other new shareholders in the round, which was reported as providing Mindscape with $1.4m of new capital. The last major investment event was in February 2016, where Punakaiki Fund was one of several investors. LWCM received regular updates from Raygun and provides occasional feedback.

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