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December 2018 Quarterly Report

We have generally kept Punakaiki Fund company news for investors only, but will now be publishing more information. The first release is our latest Quarterly Report. Note that there is a webinar this afternoon (Tuesday) at 5pm, which all are welcome to join.

We have also released all of our historical Quarterly Reports. The earlier Quarterly Reports are redacted to preserve confidential information, while more recent reports are written for a public audience.   


December 2018 Quarterly Report 

We are very happy to release our December 2018 Quarterly Report to the public.

In the quarterly report we review Punakaiki Fund’s flat share price performance over 2018, introduce our new Investor Relations staffer (chances are you have heard of him) and Chris’ latest missive covers the rapid rise of New Zealand Artesian Water.

We also have details on the share-trading window (the last one was our biggest by quite a margin), and a new conflict of interest on the Board.
(Share-trading is a service provided for existing investors only)  

Key News

  • We made investments into several companies as promised in our Product Disclosure Statement late last year. These include a substantial commitment to Melon Health, and smaller investments in Boardingware, Devoli, Weirdly, and RedSeed (2019).
  • Vend accepted a new investment round from Movac and Qualgro, a Singapore based fund.
  • Total revenue from all companies from the last 12 months is now $107 million, and growing well.

Investment Funds Required
If you would like to support Punakaiki Fund and can meet the wholesale investor eligibility requirements then please get in touch. Your funds will be put to work very quickly.

Our quarterly webinar will be held at 5pm, on Tuesday 12 March.
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