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Punakaiki Fund has acquired 18.33% of InfluxHQ, a company that provided software for Crossfit Gym owner-operators to run their gyms. Crossfit is a very fast-growing fitness exercise philosophy and sport that produces amazing results with a very wide range of activities using basic equipment. The gyms are typically small, and have several classes a day of up to 15 people per class. The content of the classes changes from class to class and day to day, and members select which classes they want to go to, and pay with a monthly subscription plan. It’s a demanding environment for gym management software, so InfluxHQ is learning very rapidly how to serve not just Crossfit but bigger gyms too.

Influx has been in development for a year and a half, and is founded is Scott Mayo and his wife, Dania Mayo. Scott brings many years of experience from developing software for Les Mills International – the world’s leading provider of gym programs. I suspect that very few people know this space as well as he does.

It’s early and the product is still under rapid development and sales are relatively small. Our investment, alongside family investment, will allow Scott to focus almost full time on development and Dania to find help to assist her to deliver the sales.