Key Documents

Public Offer Documents

The next Punakaiki Fund Limited offer to the public is planned for October 2021, which will require a new Product Disclosure Statement. Our Public Offers are regulated by the Financial Markets Authority in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, and are available to all investors based in New Zealand. Sign up to our mailing list to ensure that you are informed about new offers.
November 2020 Product Disclosure Statement
November 2019 Product Disclosure Statement
October 2018 Product Disclosure Statement
November 2017 Product Disclosure Statement
March 2017 Product Disclosure Statement
November 2016 Product Disclosure Statement

For Punakaiki Fund Limited Public Offers the Disclose Register  holds documents that are disclosed as part of Product Disclosure Statements. Search for Offer Number OFR13008 for the 2020 Retail Offer.

Wholesale Offer Documents

We also hold periodic offers to wholesale and institutional investors. The last one was held in March 2021 using an investment memorandum. That offer is now closed. We are happy to talk to institutional investors about arrangements for future wholesale offers.

Annual and Financial reports

September 2020 interim financial statements for FY2021
2020 Annual Report
September 2019 interim financial statements for FY2020
2019 Annual Report
September 2018 interim financial statements for FY2019
2018 Annual Report
September 2017 interim financial statements for FY2018
2017 Annual Report
September 2016 interim financial statements for FY2017
2016 Annual Report along with FY2016 financial accounts (Full IFRS)
2015 Annual Report
Punakaiki Fund was formed in April 2013 but was not active before the end of the financial year end March 31 2014.

Quarterly reports

March 2021 Quarterly Report
December 2020 Quarterly Report
September 2020 Quarterly Report
June 2020 Quarterly Report
March 2020 Quarterly Report
December 2019 Quarterly Report
September 2019 Quarterly Report
June 2019 Quarterly Report
March 2019 Quarterly Report
December 2018 Quarterly Report
September 2018 Quarterly Report
March / June 2018 Quarterly Report
December 2017 Quarterly Report
September 2017 Quarterly Report
June 2017 Quarterly Report
March 2017 Quarterly Report
December 2016 Quarterly Report
September 2016 Quarterly Report
June 2016 Quarterly Report
March 2016 Quarterly Report
December 2015 Quarterly Report
September 2015 Quarterly Report
June 2015 Quarterly Report
March 2015 Quarterly Report
December 2014 Quarterly Report
September 2014 Quarterly Report
June 2014 Quarterly Report

Founding Documents

The Constitution is the overarching document which sets out the rights, powers, duties and obligations conferred on Punakaiki Fund, its Board of Directors and its shareholders. The fundamental relationship between Punakaiki Fund and LWCM, as Manager, is determined by the Management Agreement.

Governance Documents

Punakaiki Fund Limited is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and uses the Punakaiki Fund Board Charter to guide the Board’s behaviour. We have a number of policy documents, which are each regularly reviewed. Many of these, linked below, are publicly disclosed.

The Delegated Authority Policy has more on the powers granted to the Board and the Manager. The Administration Fee Procedure is used to determine the fee paid to the manager for performance of work outside the scope of the management agreement.

Our Health and Safety Policy also requires LWCM, the manager, to have a Health and Safety at Work Policy in place.

Punakaiki Fund is committed to promoting diversity across the wider ecosystem. Our Diversity Policy outlines this commitment at a board, management and investment level.

We have a number of other governance polices, including a Compliance Assurance program, Privacy Policy, Protected Disclosures Policy, Share Registry Policy, AML Compliance Programme, AML Risk Assessment, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, Tax Compliance Policy (CRS & FACTA) and a Communications Policy. We have an ongoing programme of policy development and implementation, with several polices being through a number of iterations over the last few years.

Investment Policy Documents

We also have a number of investment policy documents. Our overall approach is summarised in the Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives.

The Investment Guidance document has more perspective on how we go about investing.

Our Socially Responsible Investing Policy outlines Punakaiki Fund’s commitment to Socially Responsible Investment practices. This policy was last reviewed in 2020, with a newer version is due for approval in mind 2021. We have increasingly high standards for socially smart investing.

The Investment Valuation Policy shows the approach used to value our assets. We also have two important internal papers – the annual Investment Methodology paper, and the annual Investment Valuation Report, which itself includes a full description of our processes. The Annual Investment Report is drafted by LWCM, with copies sent to the Board and Auditors, then amended in response to Board feedback, with final versions with Board minutes also provided to auditors.


Companies Office Records of Our Investments

Punakaiki Fund’s holdings are easily seen on the Companies Office website. We recommend using to navigate, starting with this list of our shareholdings. There is usually a short period between any changes in shareholder registers, officially held at each company’s premises, and uploading of that information to the Companies Office website.

Punakaiki Fund Limited

SaaS Companies
Mobi2Go Limited
Raygun Limited
QA Tech Limited (Conqa)*
Boardingware Limited*
RedSeed Limited*
Weirdly Limited*, ***
Core Schedule***
Get Home Safe***
QubeDocs – owned by Mindfull Group (below)

Non-SaaS Companies
Devoli Limited**
Onceit Limited*
Quantifi Photonics Limited*
Melon Health Limited*, ***

Other Companies (sold, held for exit etc)
Vend Limited (Sold to LightSpeed)
Timely Limited (See press release: EverCommerce to Acquire Timely)
Mindfull Group Limited* (owner of QubeDocs and former owner of Mindfull Limited)
Mindfull Limited (assets sold to Fusion5)
EverEdgeIP Global Limited (shares sold, debt owing to PFL)
Linewize Services Limited, Linewize Limited (company sold to Family Zone)
TD Limited (assets sold to OneLogin)

New Zealand Artesian Water Limited(out of mandate)
Hayload Limited (written off)
Populate Limited (written off)

*Lance Wiggs Directorship
** Chris Humphreys Directorship
*** Nadine Hill (LWCM) Directorship