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We are very happy to announce that we have purchased 18.6% of Weirdly Limited.

Weirdly helps companies that actively recruit people find better applicants, and also reduce the effort required to manage applicants. There are a number of recruitment management systems that already exist, and Weirdly adds a cultural fit layer to the front of the process. It’s all done online these days of course (it’s been a while since Lance applied for a job), and rather than launching directly into the application and resume/c.v. sending process, candidates first get posed a series of questions through Weirdly.

The surveys help filter candidates into those who are more or less likely to fit in. Results so far are excellent. About a third of applicants are self-filtering out of the process without submitting the survey and the remaining applicants are easy to group and sort by cultural fit, with the normal processes taking over from there.

The product is well put together, the process is simple and fun for recruiter and applicant alike and the demand from recruiters is strong.

There are four founders, led by CEO Dale Clareburt, who with Simon Martin arrive from a recruitment agency that they founded, bringing deep knowledge and industry connections. Keren Phillips, responsible for marketing and Hayden Raw, head of product, were part of a design and digital strategy agency. It’s no surprise that this team have found some very talented people to keep driving the development of the product. The team is based at GridAKL, the ATEED sponsored facility for early stage tech companies in Wynyard Quarter.

Weirdly was introduced to us by Kirsti Grant, the inspiring Head of Talent for Vend, where she has recruited over 200 people in the almost two years that she has been there. We are delighted that she will be joining Lance and Dale on the board of Weirdly.