Results: March 2023 Rights Trading

15 March 2023

The auction to buy and sell Rights closed on Friday 10 March at $4 per Right. 44,370 out of 267,731 (~16.5%) Rights were traded.  

Shareholders received a total of $177,480. The total amount involved in the Rights Issue will exceed $1 million when combined with the $19 subscription price to purchase the corresponding Rights Issue Shares.

We are very happy for both buyers and sellers, and to see such an active market—the most active ever for Catalist—in action.

Rights holders can exercise their Rights and purchase the corresponding $19 Shares in Punakaiki Fund between 15 – 28 March 2023 on Catalist.

More information and step-by-step instructions about how to exercise your Rights are available here.

Rights trading March 2023 - Punakaiki Fund