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New look for the fund, new name for our manager

You may have noticed that we’ve rebranded. Why, thank you. The new look is the result of several months chin-scratching and naval-gazing with branding strategists Previously Unavailable who helped us define Punakaiki Fund’s core point of difference.

It essentially comes down to our determination to make venture capital available to all New Zealanders. We want as many people as possible to get access to our great Kiwi tech companies before they hit the big time. It’s about potential, growth and participation.

We took the strategic positioning to art director Dan Bussell of Super Design who gave us a suite of options and we settled on what you’re seeing here – a playful, lively P shape with reference to rocks and organic forms. The irregular shapes suggest stacking blocks and unpredictable turns. That’s VC for you. We’ve retained a quite formal font for our name as benefits a finance company entrusted with other peoples’ funds.

In some of the executions you can see topographical lines which reference the Punakaiki Rocks, from where our name is derived, and the idea of mapping the terrain, which of course is exactly what we do as forecasters and investors.



We’re loving the new look and it’s getting a great reception from our founder companies and investors.

The same companies helped us rename the fund manager LWCM (formerly Lance Wiggs Capital Management) which is now named 2040 Ventures, and you’ll see some new visual expressions of that in the New Year.